You’re more capable than you think!

I’ve had the most amazing weekend.

I have never been this productive in my life. Ever. At anything.

Fair warning, this is pretty self-indulgent, but I’m so happy at how much I pulled off in only two days that I just had to get it out there!

Since Saturday morning, I have done the following:

  • Cooked myself 10 delicious healthy meals made from all-fresh nutritional ingredients.

  • Dyed my hair bright orange.

  • Did the dishes 6 times.

  • Cleaned my kitchen twice, top to bottom.

  • Cleaned out my garage and every cabinet, drawer, cupboard, shelf, nook, cranny and crawlspace in my entire apartment for things I don’t need.

  • FILLED SIX DUMPSTERS worth of unneeded crap. That was easily 3/4th of everything I own. And I’m not done yet.

  • Sorted out my entire DVD collection, checked every case for the disc, and sorted it out by what DVD I’m selling to whom and packaging them all up for delivery.

  • Shipped 14 more books, and prepared 10 more to ship tomorrow.

  • Added 75 more books for sale on

  • Selected, scrubbed, cleaned, polished, categorized, photographed and documented almost everything I’m going to sell, then went through and retouched every photograph, resized it and made a webpage for everything with prices and descriptions from scratch.

  • Stocked up on $120 of fresh, delicious groceries to last me for the next month.

  • Sorted through all the video games I own, sorted out which ones to sell, made an Excel spreadsheet noting the minmax prices of them online and deciding what price to sell them for and to whom, then emailed the list to work to give my coworkers the first shot at buying them.

  • Spent four hours researching ways to make money buying books at wholesale prices and flipping them for a profit, and taught myself enough Excel to create a quick spreadsheet for instantly calculating my potential profit per book based on how much I pay, how much I can sell it for, shipping costs and other tangible intangibles.

  • Paid all of my bills through the next month, and sorted out all of my taxes for this year, and prepared all of my ex-wife’s tax bullshit to be mailed to her.

    I also found time during all of this to watch a bunch of cartoons, read, talk to my family, play with my cats, connect my surround sound system to my laptop so I can listen to internet radio stations, and get in a kick-ass 90-minute workout.

    One thing in particular that helped me TREMENDOUSLY was to, at the beginning of the day, list out everything I wanted to do that day. I didn’t complete each list, but having it all written down was incredibly helpful. Whenever I was in doubt as to what to do, I picked a random item on the list and just did it.

    When in doubt, DO!

    When you have a solid goal in place and a violent hankering to get it done, you will find yourself pulling out all the stops and accomplishing far more than you ever thought possible. I had no idea until just now that I could cram that much work into a single weekend, but I did somehow. And now I’m realizing once again that I’m capable of more than I previously thought.

    It makes me wonder: What else can I try harder at to see if I’m underestimating myself?

    Ask yourself that. 🙂

    And now I’m going to go pass out face-down in bed. I’m going to start working out in the early mornings now, and need to be up in six hours.

    Another day, another challenge!

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