Here’s a collection of speeches on video that I’ve given over the years. I’ll add to this and update it over time.

How to Cut the Tether and Work from Anywhere (GDC 2017)

It’s 2017, and it’s increasingly feasible for game teams to be geographically distributed. With the cloud storage, fiber internet, 4G LTE, smartphones, cellular modems and ubiquitous wifi, working remotely is increasingly an option for anyone to achieve at any level of seniority… technically. But what skills and disciplines are necessary to transition from a full-time office worker into someone that works from home, a coffee shop, or the road? It’s a lot more than simply VPNing in, syncing to latest from your team’s source control, and checking email twice a day. Establishing a persistent, reliable remote presence that attracts and retains clients demands a very particular skillset. If you’re wondering how to transition into working from home for your full-time job, wanting to hone your skills as a project manager utilizing remote teams, or even if you’re thinking of striking out on your own and going indie, come listen!


Make Your Own Way: The Rise of Indie Content Developers

The Albany IGDA were kind enough to invite me to speak, and I gave this presentation in May of 2016. It’s the culmination of everything I’ve learned since running the Unreal Engine Marketplace and my continued research into online marketplaces and what it takes to succeed. I go deep into how to develop and market your product, find your niche, build a loyal user base, and where to sell it.

The Tech Nomad: Tech and Tools of the Globetrotting Freelancer

I gave this at the External Development Summit 2014 in Vancouver, Canada. If you work remotely and travel frequently, this is a guide to the tools and technology to keep you connected and your clients’ data secure.

The Art of Getting Noticed

If you’re an artist that wants to learn how to distinguish yourself in a crowded market, I give several tips on how to make it happen.

Self-Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy

An artist’s guide to self-promotion.

The Future of Video Games

My brief predictions on the future of game development and freelancing.

Predicting Layoffs: How to Check Your Studio’s Health

smArtist tips on how to anticipate layoffs at your studio and how to brace yourself against the coming storm.

I’m also a frequent guest on my friend Chris Holden‘s video game art podcast, The CrunchCast, where we give career and personal development advice to artists in the game industry, along with a wide range of game industry special guests. Here are all the episodes I’ve been a guest on:

CrunchCast 58 – VR Development

CrunchCast 57 Why Help?

CrunchCast 55 Gavin Goulden

CrunchCast 53 Project End Prep

CrunchCast 51 Portfolios and Art Tests

CrunchCast 45 Movies, Video Games, Questions

CrunchCast 44 Portfolios, Working Fast & Before Games

CrunchCast 40 B1ll and Ouya

CrunchCast 39 Networking 101

CrunchCast 38 1st Anniversary Party

CrunchCast 37 Surviving Layoffs

CrunchCast 35 GDC Wrap-Up

CrunchCast 32 Questions from Twitter & Horror Stories

CrunchCast 31 Freelance with Chris Johnson

CrunchCast 30 VFX, Interview Etiquette

CrunchCast 29 Answering Polycount Questions

CrunchCast 27: CES, Student Prep and Relocation

CrunchCast 26 Introducing Tracy Hunt

CrunchCast 25 Salaries and the Future

CrunchCast 24 Nexuiz Trailer, Freelancing

Crunch Cast 23 Environment and Animation Reels

CrunchCast 22 Indie Games & The New Guy

CrunchCast 21 – DrunkCast

CrunchCast 15 apply for jobs, drawing vs env art & crazy talk

Crunch Cast 14 UFC 135 and Game Industry Work

CrunchCast 13 Applying for Jobs, & Environment Art

CrunchCast 12 Living Freelance, Games & MMA

CrunchCast 11 Game Industry, News, MMA & More!

CrunchCast 9 Game Industry Talk

Crunch Cast 8 Game Industry Anecdotes & Portfolios

CrunchCast 7 Marketing Yourself to Employers

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