How to disconnect LinkedIn from Gmail so it stops data-mining your life

While browsing LinkedIn today, I noticed in my activity feed that it knew I sent an email to my girlfriend two minutes ago. That made me suddenly realize that by authorizing LinkedIn to connect to my Gmail account, LinkedIn is able to permanently record the names and dates of everyone I email and everyone that emails me, whether or not they used LinkedIn. It even manages to find their Twitter and Facebook profiles to proactively create its own internal profiles for all of my contacts across all their social media accounts. All I had to do was click “Allow Access,” and they data-mined my entire life. No thank you.

Here’s exactly how to fix that.

Step 1) Follow this link to view your Account Permissions in Gmail: (you’ll have to log in)

Step 2) Find LinkedIn in the list and click on it.

Step 3) In the top right, click “Revoke Access.”

BONUS STEP!) Look at what other applications in that list have access to parts of your Gmail account, like your contacts and email. If you haven’t used it in 30 days, Revoke it.

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