People hate the smArtist!

I just ran across a website on accident that has a few people ripping on me and my site. It made me laugh, and I wanted to post it here.

Here’s the IndieGamer forums post.

And here are the highlights:

What a shit website. That guy sucks and is full of it.

I just can’t [listen to Jon Jones], because he calls himself the smARTIST. Next!

“smArtist” may be the dumbest name since “Wii”

the term “smArtist” made me cringe. My first thought about what it meant was “Smart A** Artist”. 😀

You guys made my day. 🙂  In all honesty, I am HONORED to be important enough to be criticized! You can’t please everybody, and I’ve been waiting for a while for someone to speak up against me. I’m sending this to all my friends!

It was also nice to see a couple people stick up for me, including good ol’ Gianfranco over at GBGames! Thanks buddy! 🙂

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