Danger, destruction and dog food!

Hey, I’m in Texas! I’m staying with my good friend Eric.

Yesterday we drove up to Fort Worth with a friend of ours to go trawling around in a condemned and heavily damaged dog food factory, and then onto a massive grain silo in a very scary, very bad neighborhood. The purpose? Taking cool pictures.

I’ve always wanted to do urban exploration like this of extremely weathered, decrepit spaces because I love going places and seeing cool things. It’s remarkable seeing what mother nature can do to utterly destroy a place all on its own, without human help.

The best part is, the whole thing can be incredibly dangerous, but rewarding. The dog food factory had immense structural damage and a ridiculous amount of leaks everywhere.

The grain silo was even better. It was about ten times larger, and roughly 40 stories tall and full of incredible machines and awesome details that I had a lot of fun capturing.

It was an incredible experience, and very exhausing. I’m going to do it again as often as I can. Anyway, here’s the main page of ALL the pictures I took:

Jon Jones’ Urban Exploration of Fort Worth!

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