These freakishly hot ladies have unfortunately lost their clothes.

File this under “Artistic reference.” These are some amazingly beautiful stylized resin model kits of the most breath-stealingly beautiful cartoon women in the world.


But I use these as form reference for whenever I make a female model at work. They’re stylized to the brink of being absurd, but there’s an underlying understanding of anatomy and beauty that’s communicated extremely well through these. Most of the female models I tend to make are about 50% the style of these.

I really wish Mike James updated the site with new models, and I also wish he delivered them painted. šŸ™

I heard that he’s a talented programmer that made a KILLING off a deal with Hewlett-Packard and retired on the ridiculous amount of money he made and developed this site as a side hobby of his. Good for him. I hope that someday I can make an obscene enough amount of money to be able to do the same.

In any case, hey, enjoy!

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