Art Outsourcing Knowledge Base, updated categories, and a BOOK!

Hi, everybody! I’ve just added the Art Outsourcing Knowledge Base to the site. This is a categorized, organized collection of the last 11 years’ worth of art outsourcing and production management articles, tips, advice, and tools that I’ve posted on the site. It’s VASTLY easier to sort through and read, and I wanted to put it online for an easy desk reference for outsourcing or managing art. Check it out!

Secondly, I’ve gone through and recategorized everything on my site, and brought back the Categories list. It’s a much easier way to sort through Artist Career Tips, smArt Management advice, Outsourcing Management information, Productivity ideas, and more. I’m hoping this will make my site’s 13 years’ worth of content easier to navigate.

Finally, I’ve started writing a comprehensive book on art outsourcing and how to manage distributed teams. I’ve been going through ~13 years of this blog’s content to find and categorize relevant sections to update and include in the book, and so far I already have 137 pages of content! This is going to be awesome. I’ll be adding several new sections, dramatically revamping and updating my existing content, and pushing to publish it in the summer. Stay tuned!

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