Productivity Tip #13: PathCopy for fast pathname copying!

One of my favorite and most-used apps that I might not have talked about before is PathCopy. It copies a filename with full path info to the clipboard *instantly*.

Ever wanted to be able to instantly click on a file and copy its full path to your clipboard? For example, let’s say you want to send a link to a file on the network to someone, or perhaps you’re trying to open a file in MAX and don’t want to click through all the dozens of subdirectories to find it. Now you can do it with PathCopy! It’ll let you copy the long filename, the short filename (DOS 8.3 style), the entire pathname, the entire URL, anything.

Since it’s a Windows shell extension, you can right-click a file OR folder inside any Windows Explorer window and quickly click through it. It even handles multiple files and copies them all to your clipboard with appropriate linebreaks! It’s tremendously useful, and I wish I’d had this years ago! Maaaaajor time-saver. I use this dozens of times a day.

PathCopy overview:

Download link:

Now I’m curious: What are YOUR favorite productivity widgets? Be they websites, hacks, plugins for preexisting apps you use every day, or useful little applications that brighten up your life, I’m curious to see what you guys use to wring that extra little bit of productivity out of every minute of the day. 🙂

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