My GDC 2017 talk is online!

Hi, everybody! My GDC 2017 talk, How to Cut the Tether and Work from Anywhere, is now online for viewing. Here’s the synopsis:

It’s 2017, and it’s increasingly feasible for game teams to be geographically distributed. With the cloud storage, fiber internet, 4G LTE, smartphones, cellular modems and ubiquitous wifi, working remotely is increasingly an option for anyone to achieve at any level of seniority… technically. But what skills and disciplines are necessary to transition from a full-time office worker into someone that works from home, a coffee shop, or the road? It’s a lot more than simply VPNing in, syncing to latest from your team’s source control, and checking email twice a day. Establishing a persistent, reliable remote presence that attracts and retains clients demands a very particular skillset. If you’re wondering how to transition into working from home for your full-time job, wanting to hone your skills as a project manager utilizing remote teams, or even if you’re thinking of striking out on your own and going indie, come listen!

I’m very proud of this, and I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

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