Productivity Tip #10: Incredible search tool! Agent Ransack

Agent Ransack is the best and fastest search tool I’ve ever used.

Anytime I need to find something — anything — I use Launchy to fire it up, quickly type in the first few characters of what I’m looking for and where, and it finds it almost instantaneously. It’s lightning fast, far beyond what Windows Search could ever dream of doing, and it’s deadly accurate.

I used to use Launchy for quickly searching and opening any file I needed, but I kept having to add new directories to the index and rebuilding the index to be searchable. Now that I found Agent Ransack, I use Launchy strictly for shortcuts.

I use Agent Ransack dozens of times a day instead of digging through Windows Explorer to find the files I want. It’s so damned fast, nice and efficient, especially when you’re dealing with tens of gigs of data and hundreds of thousands of files. 🙂 I can’t recommend this app enough.

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