101 Hidden Tips and Secrets for Photoshop

Found a cool article this morning: 101 Hidden Tips and Secrets for Photoshop

Some useful information in here I didn’t know. A few repeats, but here were some of the highlights I found most useful:

  • 5. Sick of the default gray background around your image? Select paint bucket, hold shift and click on the gray background, it will change to whatever color you have in your foreground color box.
  • 10. Hold Ctrl will temporary make any tool into move tool until you release Ctrl.
  • 19. When free transforming with Ctrl+T, hold Alt to keep the original image and then to transform a duplicated layer of it. Ctrl+Shift+T to repeat whatever you did in the last transform.
  • 28. Hold Alt while clicking on the eye icon beside the layer, it will hide all other layers.
  • 39. Ctrl+Tab allows you to switch between different image files you are working on.
  • 58. Change the active layer : Alt + [ or ].
  • 59. Move the active layer up and down : Ctrl + [ or ].
  • 62. When using the Polygonal Lasso Tool, click backspace to undo a lasso step.

Hope these are helpful. 🙂

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