How to get answers faster!

One of the most important concepts I’ve learned as an art producer\manager is this: If you want to get a specific answer from someone, make your best guess — ANY guess — and invite their feedback on it. It’s 10x faster than asking them to start from nothing, even if your guess is horrible. It’s a starting point *you* create, and it works because it’s easier to critique an existing idea than conceive and commit to a new one.

2 thoughts on “How to get answers faster!”

  1. I like varying the approach as well.

    Artists should understand a client might get 200+ emails per day. I try sending emails with only one – two questions per email, and bold the questions – if there are more then I ask for a call. Or list the questions in bullet form. When responses take to long, or questions are dodged then it is time to get on the phone.

    Artists can either be disappointed that their clients don’t respond as expected, and be eternally dissatisfied, or Artists can change technique to get the most out of each person they do business with.

  2. Matt, excellent points! It’s so easy not to know the amount of email traffic. I just checked my email account and in one 4-week period, I received 1,831 emails from 467 of my contacts. It becomes overwhelming!

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