50 tips, tweaks and hacks for Google Calendar!

Hi guys! I’m coming out of a post-Germany haze of sickness to link you to some handy tweaks for Google Calendar. I’m a total nut for Google Calendar and basically run my entire life through it now. Here’s the link:

50 tips, tweaks and hacks for Google Calendar!

My two favorites from the list are as follows:

16) Facebook Integration: If you’re a fan of the social networking program Facebook you’ll love this script. It allows you to easily transfer your Facebook events to your Google Calendar so you’ll never miss a get together.
25) Better GCal: This script combines several helpful scripts including skins, collapsed headers, secure connections, text wrap and more.


2 thoughts on “50 tips, tweaks and hacks for Google Calendar!”

  1. …and the most important tip, don’t use it, especially not to run your entire life. Just imagine being under NDA that you’re talking with a particular company about doing work, and that week Google decides your calendar’s privacy doesn’t matter.


  2. Hey Jon, here’s another recommendation – Try using ClipPod for Google Calendar. We’ve been using it to chat and share files inside our calendars and it’s worked out quite well so far.

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