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Tech responds to growing calls for Internet anonymity

I got quoted in the San Jose Mercury News in an article about privacy tools, data security and anonymity! Awesome!

“Tech responds to growing calls for Internet anonymity”

Long before Edward Snowden, the NSA and PRISM became headlines and household words, a group of technologists dedicated themselves to making the Internet more anonymous. Today, they are leaders in a movement…
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Apple Still Has Plenty of Your Data for the Feds – The Intercept

While I applaud Apple for enabling iPhone encryption by default, it should be noted that that doesn’t mean total security for *all* your data. They can hold the keys to your iCloud data, and it’s generally still illegal for them to tell you if the government has forced them to give it up. Also, I do not except Google from similar concerns and scrutiny, despite their similar recent stand on automatic phone encryption. “Apple Still Has Plenty of Your Data for the Feds”

Improved Apple encryption is a welcome step toward thwarting the surveillance state. But it seriously oversold Apple’s commitment to privacy.
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Slides and information from my XDS 2014 presentations!

[UPDATE 11/26/2014] The video is now online! Check it out:


Hi everybody! I just finished giving my presentations at the External Development Summit 2014 in Vancouver. Here are the slides for the first:

Tech and Tools of the Globetrotting Freelancer
Have you ever considered striking out on your own and living an exciting life as a freelancer, being your own boss without being geographically tethered? Perhaps you already freelance but want to learn how to hone your craft and reach the next level. In this talk you’ll learn how the clever application of technology can untether you from your location and get you connected and mobile from anywhere in the world, fully ready to rock for your clients. I present analysis of the best cloud-based and local email storage, file transfer and collaboration tools. I’ll teach you how to balance security with convenience and how to build a go-bag full of every gadget and peripheral needed to keep you connected and powered up anywhere in the world on a bootstrapper’s budget. This talk applies to freelancers, contract producers, art production managers, or anyone that collaborates with remote teams. Technology will set you free!

I’ll update this a bit later with links to all of the tools and tech. I just wanted to get this online ASAP!

What will you do if your phone gets stolen?

If you don’t know the answer to that question, I strongly suggest spending five minutes on a one-time-setup to secure your Android or iOS device. It’s super easy, really fast, and it’ll protect you in case anything happens in the future. Here’s how.

For Android:

1) Enable Android Device Manager for remote trackingdisabling.
2) Set up a passcode.
3) Enable two-factor authentication for everything you have.
4) Encrypt your phone.
5) Add owner info to your lockscreen.

Source: The Essential Android Security Features You Should Enable Right Now

For iPhone:

1) Enable “Find My iPhone.”
2) Set up a passcode.
3) Enable iCloud backup.

Source: This Is How You Should Secure Your iPhone