Productivity Tip #2: Remove icons from Quicklaunch bar.

You know the Quicklaunch bar next to your start menu on the taskbar? Remove your browser icon from that. The easier you make your browser to access, the more often you’ll access it. Delete that icon and leave it on your desktop, or, better yet, keep it nestled deeply in your Start menu so you have to WORK to find it. The more work it is to goof off, the less likely you are to do it. Time saved!

This is one of the best and most useful things I’ve ever done. I do less than half the web browsing I used to, simply because I made it harder to goof off than to focus on my job.

Sure, you can be super self-disciplined all the time.. or you can just understand that you will ALWAYS inevitably go for the path of least resistance, and if you can make it harder to goof off than work, you’ll end up working. It’s a fraction of the effort. People goof off because it’s easier. The solution: Make it harder. You’ve harnessed human nature and the problem is solved.

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