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CrunchCast #22! Indie games and surviving being “the new guy!” (audio only)

This week’s CrunchCast is online and Chris Holden, Bryan McConnell, Jesse Sosa and I discuss indie games and what it’s like to be “the new guy” and how to survive it. Check it out below or at http://www.crunchstudios.com! (apologies for this being audio-only… technical difficulties with video recording were had.)

Tile Poker for the iPhone – support my indie game dev friends!

I am again pimping more indie game dev friends! Go check out Tile Poker for the iPhone, a clever, pretty and absurdly addictive game from Quiet Mime Studios. Only $1.99, less than coffee. Go support hard-working, worthy indie game developers! Here’s an iTunes link to download:

Tile Poker (link opens in iTunes)

Check out Crimecraft: Kingpin for the iPhone!

One of my friends, Mike Arkin at Big Boat Interactive, just released his company’s first iPhone game, CrimeCraft: Kingpin (iTunes link), a free MMO for the iPhone. I’ve been playing it in beta quite a bit and it’s a blast. It’s really reminiscient of all the fun parts of Mafia Wars, except without all the spamming and pointlessness of combat if you have less than 500 friends. Outfitting your gang, sending them into battle, getting new armor and weapons and teaming up against other players is gratifying, and the fact that it’s all real players and is technically an MMO on the iPhone is impressive as hell.

So come support an indie game developer and CrimeCraft: Kingpin (iTunes link)! It’s free, and fun! Clicky-clicky, and spread the word! :)