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CrunchCast #30! Interview etiquette and VFX.

Everyone’s favorite game dev podcast is back! This week I join Chris Holden, Jesse Sosa and Lee Amarakoon to discuss the business of VFX and the world of interview etiquette. Check it out below, and tell your friends!

CrunchCast #27: CES, Student Prep and Relocation!

Another new CrunchCast is up this week! This time we have Chris Holden, Bryan McConnell, Patrick Morrison and me discussing the International Consumer Electronics Show, making better and more hireable students, and the intricacies of relocation!

CrunchCast #22! Indie games and surviving being “the new guy!” (audio only)

This week’s CrunchCast is online and Chris Holden, Bryan McConnell, Jesse Sosa and I discuss indie games and what it’s like to be “the new guy” and how to survive it. Check it out below or at http://www.crunchstudios.com! (apologies for this being audio-only… technical difficulties with video recording were had.)

CrunchCast #15! Applying for jobs, schools, concept art and crazy talk!

This week’s CrunchCast is online and Chris Holden, Bryan McConnell and I discuss the ins and outs of applying for work in the games industry and why it can take so long, the quality of various art schools and what you can get out of attending, the importance of concept art as a secondary skill and then devolves into crazy conspiracy talk. Check it out below or at http://www.crunchstudios.com!

CrunchCast #14 online! UFC 135 and work speed.

Time for another CrunchCast! Episode 14 is online now and viewable below. I was actually in Denver in-studio for this one! Chris Holden, Bryan McConnell and I went to watch the Ultimate Fighting Championship #135 live and in person, and in this podcast we’re talking about that and also average work speed for artists. Check it out below or on www.crunchstudios.com!

Presenting the CrunchCast!

Hi, everybody! I wanted to pimp out a game development video podcast my good buddy Chris Holden has put together. I’ve been a guest on it several times now and I’ve had a blast with him talking game dev, portfolios, breaking into the industry, and so on. The language can get pretty salty. I present to you…


And here’s CrunchCast #13, the most recent episode:

I’ll be posting these weekly as they’re recorded. Hope you guys enjoy it! If you have any questions you’d like answered on the podcast, email [email protected]!