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How to design isometric buildings | Junxue Li | LinkedIn

Junxue Li is back with another great art production overview, this time on designing isometric buildings:

This title is a bit misleading, in fact this article is not about how to design to its essence: how to use colors, forms, how to draw… these are mastered during the long time training in an art school,…
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Excellent brand style guide examples!

WOW! Art directors, leads, and outsourcing managers take note — this is a list of website style guides, pattern libraries and design manuals for inspiration and education. Salesforce, Atlassian, MailChimp, and more besides. These are great examples for how to design meaningful, easy-to-understand style guides for artists. Wonderful stuff. :)

Curated links to various style guides, pattern libraries and design manuals for inspiration. Handpicked by Saijo George.
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Build an Animated SVG Loading Icon in 5 Minutes

How to build an animated SVG loading icon in 5 minutes! Fun, simple non game art tutorial. :)

With the rise in popularity of SVG’s, now is the perfect time to create new assets that can be used responsively across …
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PBR In Practice

Excellent introduction to Physically Based Rendering and what it means for artists. If you’re a game artist that doesn’t yet know what that is, or if you are still unsure of precisely what it means for how to make art now, this is *required* reading. Stay sharp and keep your competitive edge!

Tutorial: Physically Based Rendering, And You Can Too! By Joe “EarthQuake” Wilson This tutorial will cover the basics of art content creation, some of the reasoning behind various PBR standards (wi…
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Gamasutra: Junxue Li’s Blog – Walkthrough of making a Match-3 game map

Another solid art production breakdown from Junxue Li.

“Art directing a match-3 map: A walkthrough”

We’re making map art for a Match-3 game recently(working as art vendor). Thanks to the excessive kindness of our client, we are allowed to post some unreleased contents here, to share the walkthrough…
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Tools and Tech of the Globetrotting Freelancer speech is ONLINE!

Hi everybody! The Tools and Tech of the Globetrotting Freelancer talk that I gave this year at the External Development Summit 2014 in Vancouver is finally online! It’s an overview of how I stay online, connected, powered up, and secure when I travel, based on my experiences working as a freelance outsourcing manager as well as being employed by large game developers. The part of the talk where I talk about the apps I use is the bit people liked the most, especially on how to keep your phone and your clients’ data secure no matter what. Feedback is appreciated!

Also, the slides are here:

Here’s the video:

How Apps Can Help Any Freelancer Or Small Business Owner Be Productive

Great freelancer app tips from MakeUseOf! “How Apps Can Help Any Freelancer Or Small Business Owner Be Productive”

If you’re running your own small business or making a living as a freelancer, then you already know quite a bit about getting things done on your own. You have to, otherwise everything falls apart. So…
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