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Polycount | RIOT GAMES ART CONTEST: Winning Entries

Polycount Riot Games Art Contest winners! The art is great, but also, the art direction feedback is top notch.

The artistic style of ‘El Braum’ aligns closely with the character style of League of Legends. It has a great in-game read and takes our camera angle and character scale into account. The sculpt has…
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Letters of Note: The Skills of Leonardo da Vinci

This is Leonardo da Vinci’s resume as a war engineer, sent to Ludovico Sforza for consideration. His painting skills are mentioned almost as an afterthought. This is remarkable and a terrific short read!

“Letters of Note: The Skills of Leonardo da Vinci”

Fascinating letters. Interesting correspondence.
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Science Time – Gears And Lever Systems

Fascinating gears and lever systems as animated gifs. Great ref for animating doors and looping techy bits for games!

The most viral images on the internet, curated in real time by a dedicated community through commenting, voting and sharing.
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Gamasutra: Laralyn McWilliams’s Blog – She’s Not Playing It Wrong

A terrific read from someone I greatly respect. “Gamasutra: Laralyn McWilliams’s Blog – She’s Not Playing It Wrong”

If you’re an experienced game developer, you’ve probably felt the simultaneous joy and agony involved in watching someone else try to play your game. The player’s stumbling over that jump you considered…
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Gamasutra: Alex Perez’s Blog – FullBlast, another indie project that bites the dust

It’s never good to hear about a project failing, but the postmortems and retrospectives that get written about them are often a helpful and instructive read from which all developers can learn from each others’ mistakes and make better products. Here’s a short writeup from an indie developer somewhat painfully recalling the mistakes they made, but describing what they learned and how they’d do better next time. Check it out!

Gamasutra: Alex Perez’s Blog – FullBlast, another indie project that bites the dust

Hi, I’m Alex, the main dev of FullBlast and I want to talk a bit about our recent and first project at Ufo Crash Games. And about how we screwed in every possible way.
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Game news sites I recommend

I posted this in a comment on Facebook earlier, but I thought I’d post a list of some of the video game news sites I read every day and what I like about them. If you have any you recommend, I’d love to hear them!

Here’s the list:

VentureBeat Games – This is the most ‘grown-up’ of the video game news sites. The stories are interesting, well-written, and the editorial voice and tone is straightforward and professional. They cover a lot of interesting stories that other sites don’t, and it’s a decent blend of news for gamers as well as items of interest to professionals.

SuperData blog – Excellent analyses, summaries and infographics about the business side of the game industry. Highly recommended.

GamePolitics – News around the world about video games, social issues, political and legal challenges facing the game industry. Great source for news about tax breaks and funding initiatives for game development.

Gamasutra News – Biz- and production-focused news. Less about specific games and more about the particulars of game development and current events. The editorials and content can be somewhat hit or miss, but it hits the high points consistently enough to be worth a read. – Similar to Gamasutra, but more focused on the business aspect rather than production. There’s some overlap, but they do cover the business side a bit more than Gamasutra.

MCV (Market for Computer and Video Games) – Similar to GamaSutra, except with more of a European focus.

VG247 – Strictly news about video game releases, reviews, etc. It’s the only video game-centric news site I can point to as *not* having the young “oMG AwesOMESAUCE LOLCAT CRAZYBALLS!” tone and writing style.

Sync Stories: Ideas for Business Travelers

I wrote a new article about clever uses for BitTorrent Sync! “Sync Stories: Ideas for Business Travelers”

Sync Stories is a column dedicated to our users. Each week, we showcase a different use case for BitTorrent Sync and the personal stories behind it. In this week’s edition: Art outsourcing manager …
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