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Gamasutra: Junxue Li’s Blog – Walkthrough of making a Match-3 game map

Another solid art production breakdown from Junxue Li.

“Art directing a match-3 map: A walkthrough”

We’re making map art for a Match-3 game recently(working as art vendor). Thanks to the excessive kindness of our client, we are allowed to post some unreleased contents here, to share the walkthrough…
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This is my last day at Avalanche Studios.

Today is my last day at Avalanche Studios. It’s been quite a ride and I’ll cherish the time I spent here as Outsourcing Art Manager on Just Cause 3. I’ve never been more proud of anything I’ve set my hand to. This is an immensely talented and truly AAA team full of terrific people, and I’ll miss working with them but am excited to continue the friendships I’ve forged here. As for me, I’m going to be returning to the wild world of contracting to be a globe-trotting freelancer, plying my trade with the tools and technology I’ve come to rely upon. I’ll still be living in New York City, but I’ll be working remotely from now on. I’ll be announcing my new adventure in the next few days. Wish me luck!

Sync App: All Your Desktop Folders, On The Go

BitTorrent Sync is one of the very best tools I use for syncing all my data to all my devices, as well as syncing files with all my outsourcing partners across the globe. It’s utterly replaced Dropbox for me. This is a simple, easy-to-understand guide showing its ease of use and power. I strongly recommend it if you share files with anyone, collaborate remotely, or simply want to sync your data between multiple devices. It’s also free. Check it out!

“Sync App: All Your Desktop Folders, On The Go”

When I’m at work and on my laptop, there’s a very specific folder structure that I’m used to: Each project has it’s own folder (with different sub folders), while each product has it’s own separate…
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Welcome to Phabricator, Wikimedia’s new collaboration platform « Wikimedia blog

Interesting! This even ties into Bugzilla, which sounds pretty slick. Any early adopters already using this? What’s it like to work with?

“Welcome to Phabricator, Wikimedia’s new collaboration platform”

BY Quim Gil ON November 24th, 2014
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Adobe’s got Photoshop running in Chrome

This is incredible! Adobe Photoshop Streaming runs inside the Chrome browser. We live in the future. :)

Using Photoshop usually requires lugging a typically cumbersome, expensive computer around, and changing that experience has been the dream of many creatives for years. As we found out back in…
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Tools and Tech of the Globetrotting Freelancer speech is ONLINE!

Hi everybody! The Tools and Tech of the Globetrotting Freelancer talk that I gave this year at the External Development Summit 2014 in Vancouver is finally online! It’s an overview of how I stay online, connected, powered up, and secure when I travel, based on my experiences working as a freelance outsourcing manager as well as being employed by large game developers. The part of the talk where I talk about the apps I use is the bit people liked the most, especially on how to keep your phone and your clients’ data secure no matter what. Feedback is appreciated!

Also, the slides are here:

Here’s the video:

Moleskine Smart Notebook Turns Your Sketches Into Adobe-Friendly…

Wizard magic! “Moleskine Smart Notebook Turns Your Sketches Into Adobe-Friendly Vector Files”

Digital tools may one day replace traditional creative media altogether, but we’re definitely not there yet, and Moleskine is doing a good job of straddling..
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