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How (and Why) to Ditch Dropbox and Sync Files with BitTorrent Sync

Great guide! I *love* BitTorrent Sync.

How (and Why) to Ditch Dropbox and Sync Files with BitTorrent Sync

Dropbox (and similar cloud services) are awesome, but they don’t give you that much control, security, or privacy over your files. If you want to take control into your own hands without losing the features…
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IFTTT introduces three new apps to automate the world around you

Exciting! IFTTT is one of my *very* favorite tools. I use it to automate a huge variety of tasks, and I highly recommend checking it out if you haven’t already. And if you look at the menubar above, I’ve shared some of my favorite IFTTT recipes. :)

IFTTT introduces 3 new apps to automate the world around you

IFTTT, the internet automation service, is growing from a single app to a family of them. Today the company is launching three new apps for Android and iOS, as well as rebranding its flagship app….
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B.C. video game makers power up with tax credit

The B.C government extends a video game developer tax credit of 17.5% on labor costs until 2018. The credit was set to expire in September. Good news! I look forward to seeing how this benefits developers and how the region’s industry grows.

The B.C. government will extend a tax credit for video game companies, something Victoria business owners say is crucial for the growing industry. The interactive digital media tax credit, set to. . .
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Epic Games offers up $5 million in Unreal Dev Grants

Epic Games announced Unreal Dev Grants, a $5m fund for Unreal 4 developers! Sweet!

Today Epic Games has announced a new initiative — one that could see your game netting between $5,000 and $50,000 in no-strings-attached funding from the engine provider.
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Montreal gets dedicated indie co-working with GamePlay Space

Montreal’s getting a dedicated indie game dev co-working space! I’m always happy seeing initiatives like this.

Non-profit office sharing scheme hopes to build on local talent
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City Builder Games: How to manage isometric graphic assets

Here are some practical tips for file management for isometric assets. More great art production info by Junxue Li!

In a city builder game, the in-game graphic of a building is simple: a static image, plus a few simple animations. But in the production, we have a whole bunch of resources to manage: 3D files, textures,…
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5 Tools to Extract Images From PDF Files

5 Tools to Extract Images From PDF Files. Handy! The last in the list is a desktop app if your PDFs are under NDA.

If you have a PDF file full of images, you may want to have those images converted to JPG files or PNG files. This would, for example, make it easier to get those images printed, or altered by an image…
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