link: 19 Things NOT To Do When Building a Website

My friend Nate sent me a fantastic article that was right up my alley: 19 Things NOT To Do When Building a Website.

The whole thing is so good I’d just paste the whole thing here if I told you which parts were worth reading. Instead I’ll touch on my favorite points:

3. If your website asks the user which version they’d like, high bandwidth or low, HTML or Flash, you ALSO LOSE.
5. DO NOT try to reinvent the website navigation.
11. Text navigations are better than images
12. A well thought out site map with logical sub sections is better than using “drop downs”.

The whole thing is a fantastic read. Go look at it and commit it to heart!

4 thoughts on “link: 19 Things NOT To Do When Building a Website”

  1. I agree with pretty much all of his points, though not in that tone of voice. :) (With the added caveat that rules are made to be broken.)

    I’d like to propose rule # 20: if your site uses those double-underlined, mouseover, in-line text ads, remove them. (Or to put it in a tone of voice consistent with the article: delete your site, fire anyone you employ, and set yourself on fire.) They’re useless (see #18), and people only ever click on them by accident.

  2. haha, yeah, he does come off pretty harsh. But I like that sometimes. I did the same thing with my Your Portfolio Repels Jobs article. Sometimes, enough people doing things badly wears thin on one’s nerves.

    (end of liability waiver ;)

    Yeah, I agree on those ads. Those *suck*.

  3. HAHA I was just looking for this link again. Yay fortuotous timing!

    I actually agree with his tone; this is written with businesses in mind and sometimes people in business need to be slapped with a fish in order to realize “Hey! not doing this crap will increase our revenue!”

    I adore #10 and is the main reason I never view my friends’ MySpace pages; love em to death… hate their music.

    And I agree with Matt, I hate those damn double underlined links. On a funny note, last time I checked this site he didin’t have them.

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