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Quick Google Sheets tip — add this bookmark to your bookmarks bar to create a new spreadsheet with one click:

Link to full article. and Full Sail University Partner for ‘Full Sail User Experience Lab’ | GamePolitics

Wargaming and Full Sail partner up to develop a Full Sail User Experience Lab for contract UX testing research. Neat!

World of Tanks maker has partnered with Full Sail University to launch the new on-campus Full Sail User Experience Lab. The collaborative effort promises to bring “state-of-the-art UX testing…
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Small update — Popular Posts and Videos pages

Small update to my Popular Posts page to add various articles I’ve written from around the internet, and I’ve recently added a Videos page to collect the various recorded speeches and presentations I’ve given in one place. Over time I’m going to figure out a better way of navigating by subject or category so people can find things easier. This is the twelfth year of my blog, so I may as well tidy it up.

Oh, and before I forget, I’m now working with Epic Games as the Content Curator for the Unreal Engine Marketplace. I’m still living in Brooklyn and flying down to North Carolina one week a month to work onsite at Epic Games HQ. Life is very good. :)

Why You Should Be Using an App Launcher (and How to Make It Do More Than Launch Apps)

Productivity geeks! Do you use an app launcher? Here’s an excellent overview of more awesome ways you can use them:

Do you still launch applications by pressing the Windows key and searching for your app? That’s a serviceable way to get your apps up and running, but it’s pretty limited. If you’ve never used an app…
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WOW! Art directors, leads, and outsourcing managers take note — this is a list of website style guides, pattern libraries and design manuals for inspiration and education. Salesforce, Atlassian, MailChimp, and more besides. These are great examples for how to design meaningful, easy-to-understand style guides for artists. Wonderful stuff. :)

Curated links to various style guides, pattern libraries and design manuals for inspiration. Handpicked by Saijo George.
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Turn files into pdf documents automatically with HotFolder – gHacks Tech News

Handy tool! Automatically convert files in a folder to PDF. Behold HotFolder:

HotFolder is a free program that you can use to monitor folders on your system to turn files into pdf documents automatically.
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Build an Animated SVG Loading Icon in 5 Minutes

How to build an animated SVG loading icon in 5 minutes! Fun, simple non game art tutorial. :)

With the rise in popularity of SVG’s, now is the perfect time to create new assets that can be used responsively across …
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